Please read below some of the most recent customer testimonials and reviews we have received:

After a few weeks in real pain with Plantar Fasciitis, a friend recommended I visit Fife Physiotherapy Centre. I was prepared for a long slog – I heard that the condition can be very tricky and time-consuming to fix, but just a few sessions with Abdur and I’m happy to report that I’m now pain-free and back to enjoying running again. As well as the physio sessions, Abdur gave me great advice on how to speed up the healing process with top tips on exercises, footwear and general good health practice. I throughly recommend Abdur and the Fife Physiotherapy Centre!

Fraser Watson

Highly recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre.  I have received combined treatments for my shoulder injury and seen great improvement, the pain is gone and I am confident that it will stay gone if I work to build my strength back up correctly! I have been to a lot of people for improvement in this area but this is the only person to fix me!

K. KaszloFacebook

I received 6 treatment sessions for a metatarsal ligament sprain in my right foot. My foot is now pain free. I would highly recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre. Thank you for your help!

S. Milby

I’ve just completely my treatment after having a serious car accident. Fife Physiotherapy Centre has been a great help to me, decreasing my pain level. I’ve now been left with exercises to do in my own time which i feel can help me even further. I would definitely recommend this centre. Very friendly and very welcoming. Great experience. Thank you

J. LamondFacebook

I attended the Fife Physiotherapy Centre after a car accident left me with very painful lower back and neck/shoulder injuries. The physiotherapist was very knowledgeable and friendly, and quickly started a course of treatment for my injuries. After a few sessions, I have started to see a difference, and can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend.

L. McIntosh

I was referred to Fife Physiotherapy Centre after being involved in a road traffic accident. I was booked in for an appointment as soon as possible and was put at ease straight away. Everything was explained to me beforehand in a very professional manner and made sure I was 100% comfortable during treatments. I have since felt a huge relief regarding my injuries and would recommend Edinburgh Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic to anybody!

T. MilneFacebook
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