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What Our Customers Think

  • It was very nice experience at Fife Physiotherapy Centre, their Physiotherapist amazed me from his knowledge and diagnostic skills. I have been there for back pain treatment. Therapist explained me clearly my problem causes of pain and treatment options. He also diagnosed my postural deformity and advised me foot orthotics and discussed how to manage my problem myself at work and home. I visit Fife Physiotherapy Centre regularly but thanks God not for back pain just for regular foot treatment.

    Shilagh S.
  • I am very pleased with the treatment I received at Fife Physiotherapy Centre for my knee after my surgery. I would say Fife Physiotherapy Centre helped me and made me able to walk again.

    Jhon Smith F.
  • I was referred to Fife Physiotherapy Centre by one of my friend and I am happily saying after few Acupuncture treatment sessions I saw great difference in my stress and anxiety level. I sleep well now and my unknown body pain has also gone. A big thanks to Fife Physiotherapy Centre really appreciate for such nice services and giving me confidence.

    Lina W.
  • I visit Fife Physiotherapy Centre regularly for my feet treatment. I am diabetic and only trust on professionals. I will say Fife Physiotherapy Centre won my trust after my first visit. They provide best treatments for feet as well as after treatment and home care advice.

    Sandra A.
  • I visit Fife Physiotherapy Centre for joints pain in my knee and ankle they gave me treatment for pain and also told me that another reason of pain is my body over weight. They suggest me to lose some weight as well as provide me acupuncture therapy for weight loss along with dietary solutions. I have lost 5 stone since my first visit and don’t know I had pain in my knee. Trust me you will visit Fife Physiotherapy Centre again.......

    Suzanne D.