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Physiotherapy Dunfermline & Fife

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We provide hands-on treatments for many health conditions. We help with trapped nerve pain, sciatica, vertebral disc herniation symptoms and sports injuries. We also provide treatments for  Muscular strain, Ligament and Tendon Tears  &  work-related injuries. If you are suffering from back and shoulders pain, knee, ankle and elbow joints pain or if you have any personal injury claim please book an appointment with us and we will help you relieve the pain.

             we work hard to keep our integrity high

Fife Physiotherapy Centre in Dunfermline: our qualified physiotherapists in fife provide all treatments required to benefit your health including:

Our team are physiotherapist with expertise in the field of treating knee pain and back pain and will help you to achieve your goals in sports, work and day-to-day life.

Our centre for physiotherapy in Fife offers almost all remedial and complementary therapies under the umbrella of one clinical practice. Fife Physiotherapy Centre is highly regarded by our past customers & the #1 place for Physiotherapy in Fife & for clinical excellence. Meet Our Team!

Our Reviews

We at the centre of Physiotherapy Dunfermline wide are regarded highly in our field. We have lots, and lots of 5 star reviews from our clients and they have had many great experiences with our physiotherapist in fife over the years. It is our pleasure to help relieve people from pain and injury. See a selection of our reviews from our happy clients. Find us on Facebook!


If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Dunfermline & Fife, you do not need to look any further. You may have lots of questions to ask and you may wish to understand what we can do for you before you commit to a Physiotherapy session. Feel free to contact us via phone or our Contact Us page to book an appointment or ask our experts Physiotherapists in Dunfermline anything you like.

Physiotherapy Fife Services

We offer a number of bespoke Physiotherapy services in Fife. Our Physiotherapy Fife services are the highest recommended in Fife.  Although we are expertly trained in all types of Physiotherapy we are specialists in Knee, Back, Nerve and Muscle pains. To find our more about the Services we offer click the link.

We are open now for Physiotherapy in-line with government guidelines for infections control

This will include:

Screening patients for COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire or any recent travel history.

Clients with suspected Covid-19 symptoms, must have been symptom free for 14 days or more (including family members) to attend an appointment.

The Physiotherapist will be wearing PPE.

Clients would be required to wear masks too.

All clients are requested to wash their hands before and after their visit

Clients to arrive no sooner than 5-10 minutes before their allocated time and should wait outside the clinic to be let in by the Physiotherapist.

All treatment couches and chairs’ surfaces are wipeable with regular changing of treatment couch hygiene roll  with strict infection control measures in place

No family/friend allowed. However, Chaperone can still attend an appointment with you. please wait outside till we allow you for the treatment.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email or contact us form.

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Physiotherapy Fife

Physiotherapy in Fife can benefit you at any stage of life. It relieves pain, restores movement and prevents any further continuous damage to your body. Fife Physiotherapy Centre is the best place for clinical excellence, consultation and treatment in Dunfermline & Fife. If you need to avoid and move after your personal/sport injury or want to enjoy playing with your kids or grand-kids. We can assist you doing simple things you love to do without pain, stiffness and restricted movement. We offer Chartered Physiotherapy in Fife, and are based in Dunfermline.

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Personal Injury Claim

We provide diagnostic and rehabilitation services for personal injuries management and other health conditions. We independently assess injuries to facilitate your claim and coordinate rehabilitation services for insurances, legal and commercial/business sectors.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injury is one of the major cause of stress among the athletes and professional sportspersons. We know the stress and heartache that an injury can cause. Sports Physio is the right option for every sports injury. Don’t let fatigue, pain, low endurance and your feet conditions to further damage your muscles, bones and ligaments which directly affect your performance & wellbeing.

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