Fife Physiotherapy Testimonials

Please read below some of the most recent testimonials and reviews we have received for physiotherapy treatment:

Just completed my course of treatment and two-week review with Abdur. Highly recommended, professional and effective treatment. Required treatment for sciatica, as was in pain and struggling to walk at a time when I needed to be at work. 3 sessions in 10 days and I was mobile and pain-free. A further week later and I was able to start running again. Great business model where he tries to keep some short-notice appointments free for urgent cases. I would have been waiting 10 days to get an appointment elsewhere.

Graeme McAlister

After suffering from terrible leg pain from suspected sciatica for 5 months I went to see Abdur after the 1st session no more shooting pains and constant pain levels were halved, 2nd session again pain lessened, and after 3rd session Again even less pain. It’s now been 3 weeks since my last session and I have no pain in my leg! Prior to going to see Abdur I was taking up to 26 tablets a day for pain I now take none. I had 3 x 1 hour treatments, and had a full hour of treatment each time. After my third Abdur said that he was confident that I didn’t need anymore and he was right ( I have booked in for a half hour session but I asked for that ) before I went to see Abdur I had had an MRI, at my first appointment Abdur said what that I had sciatica and the issue was at S1, L4/5 After I had finished my sessions with Abdur I got my MRI results which was exactly what Abdur said. I can not recommend this guy highly enough or thank him enough, he really is amazing at his job and a lovely guy too

Macc De

I would highly recommend,Abdur is by far best physio I have used.Had problems with my back for years now but only his treatment has enabled me to lead a normal life and be able to attend work without pain.

Stuart Pearson

Excellent, would highly recommend –

Having injured my back playing golf I had been experiencing lower back pain for around 7 months. In this time I had been to three other therapists and the problem hadn’t gotten any better. I was unable to play golf at all due to the pain.

Luckily I found Abdur who diagnosed my issue within minutes and advised me that I would be back playing golf again in two weeks. Within ten days I was back playing and after 4 sessions Abdur had completed the course of treatment. Following the treatment my back is getting better each day. Thank you Abdur, Quite remarkable

Craig Patterson
Craig PattersonFacebook Review

I went to Fife Physiotherapy suffering from neck and shoulder spasms. I can highly recommend Abdur and his ‘magic’ hands. After only two sessions I was able to turn my neck fully without pain. I have previously attended other physio’s in the area with similar issues and ended up with multiple weeks of treatment without significant improvement. Thank you Abdur 

Linda DyballFacebook Review

I found Fife Physiotherapy Centre online during a period of excruciating sciatica. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor weren‘t even touching the pain, I was in complete agony, could barely walk and was desperate.

After reading the fantastic reviews online, I contacted Abdur and he very kindly fitted me in almost immediately. There was a massive improvement after only one session, and after approx 4 sessions I was completely pain free. I can’t recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre enough.

Kirsty ReidFacebook Review

Having seen some 8 physios in my 54 years, Abdur is by far the most effective I have had the good fortune to find

He works incredibly hard, cares about your recovery, and has made a huge difference to my shoulder and lower back pain

Would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends, and will be arranging ‘maintenance’ sessions going forwards

Martin King
Martin KingFacebook Review

After trying different physiotherapists I rate Abdur as the best yet in this area. Diagnosis, treatment and explanation of what the treatment does and why it works for my injuries we’re all excellent. Much improved after 4 sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Abdur and will return for and future treatment if necessary.

Dave Lockwood
Dave LockwoodFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I went to see Abdur after being in an incredible amount of pain for a couple of weeks with back pain that had started about six weeks prior and had gradually got worse. I couldn’t walk unaided and struggled even on crutches. I had already been diagnosed with sciatica by my doctor and was taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories. My first session with Abdur was quite difficult as I was in so much pain, I couldn’t bear to lie down. Abdur had me sit on the edge on the table and was able to treat my back whilst I was in this position. For my second session with Adbur, I took some pain killers and diazepam one hour before I went. This allowed me to lie on my front during treatment. The second session was much more successful and after the treatment I was able to walk for a good few steps. I was also able to get some sleep at night as before the treatment I was hardly sleeping at all. After another couple of visits, I was able to walk unaided and the pain was significantly reduced and I stopped taking the pain killers. Four weeks on and I have now been discharged as I am almost back to normal. I no longer need physio treatment and Abdur has given me some exercises to strengthen my back. I highly recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back (although I hope I won’t have to).

Adam Jasper
Adam JasperFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I highly recommend Abdur at Fife Physiotherapy Centre. I had a debilitating back injury in September and had to use a wheelchair. Abdur correctly diagnosed the problem (confirmed on an MRI scan) of herniated lumbar discs and nerve root compression resulting in acute sciatica. I still have some problems and have been referred to neurosurgery but Abdur’s treatment has alleviated the significant pain I was in and has allowed me to get back on my feet again. I continue to have regular sessions with Abdur which keeps the pain and discomfort manageable. I can’t thank him enough for all the help he has given me 

Kathy HumeFacebook Review

After suffering with a back injury for 3 months and having no luck with the NHS I went to see Abdur- the difference between before and after that first session was night & day! In only 2 sessions the problem was fixed! Very professional but friendly service and the clinic itself is a warm & inviting space. I know where I’ll be going next time I pick up an injury (occupational hazard).

Mel McNultyFacebook Review

I broke my foot & also badly damaged my ankle . Thanks to Abdur & his healing hands for working his magic. I can now wear my shoes again. Always a lovely welcome & great banter during treatment. Thank you Yx

Yvonne TaylorFacebook Review

I went to Abdur after spraining my ankle for the third time in 2 years. The swelling on the side of my foot was the size of a satsuma and I couldn’t walk for about 2 weeks. Abdur diagnosed a double injury, not only to my ankle ligament but also my Achilles tendon. After a few sessions my foot is a lot better. I am no longer limping and am starting to do proper exercise again. He is an excellent physiotherapist who knows his stuff, and also has a great manner with his patients. I would highly recommend.

La TrewbaccaFacebook Review

I cannot speak highly enough of Abdur. The tremendous care and service I received when I was in agony with a trapped nerve in my shoulder was excellent. Abdur not only fixed the problem but is a really nice person too. I would recommend Abdur to anyone. Thank you.

Stuart McGillFacebook Review

highly recommended could hardly walk after a snowboarding accident before a went to see abdur now am almost full recovered will definitely use again if needed (hopefully not) thanks again for all your help

Rubert Thebear
Rubert ThebearFacebook Review

I have suffered back and neck pain for years and I have never felt better than I do after treatments with Abdur. I first went weekly and can now wait a month between each appointment as the pain and discomfort has been significantly lessened. I would highly recommend Abdur, he is the best physio I’ve ever had!

Lucy HelenFacebook Review

Had a problem with the ligaments in my knee for a few weeks which Abdur sorted after 3 visits. In fact, the day following my first visit I was walking relatively freely, something which was surprising considering the pain I had been experiencing. Professional and courteous, I would recommend him.

David MeadowsFacebook Review

Visited Abdur after a car accident at the start of June , with shoulder , neck and lower back pain , Abdur quickly diagnosed the problems and got straight to work. Now pain free with plenty of thanks to Abdur.
Thanks Again.
Highly recommended

Steven Watt
Steven WattFacebook Review

I booked an appointment with Abdur as I have was having some issues with my ankle and was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to do my marathon that I had signed up for.

Abdur was absolutely brilliant from the start and took time to understand my concerns. He talked me through the treatment and a plan going forward. He even asked me to bring in my running shoes so he could evaluate them to see if thats what was causing the issue. The treatment itself has made a huge difference and allowed me to keep training.

I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.

Steven Coutts
Steven CouttsFacebook Review

Great guy who really knows his stuff and has helped my back injury massively, would highly recommended to anyone.

Michael Collins
Michael CollinsFacebook Review

“Best Physio in Dunfermline & Fife…”

Abdur is absolutely fantastic. He has helped me endlessly. I hurt my back while at the gym and struggled with sciatic nerve pain. Right away he put me on the right path and didn’t scam me with more sessions than were needed.

Harry BYell Review (5 STARS)

“Outstanding, Professional, knowledgeable, Physiotherapist”

Can’t recommend Abdur highly enough. He is a lovely, kind man and a very professional physiotherapist. This was my 4th physio with a knee, hip, lower back problem. No one else has gotten close to fixing the problems and after going to the doctor and being given nothing but a sheet of exercises I decided to try one more physio and encouraged by the great reviews, I decided on Fife Physio centre. Thank goodness I did as Abdur has done a great job and really knows what he is talking about. I have had a very thorough treatment and I am almost back to normal after a few sessions.

Amanda AYell Review (5 STARS)

Excellent treatment on my badly sprained ankle. Prompt and professional. I shall use Fife Physiotherapy in future, although not too soon I hope! Huge thanks Abdur.

Sheryl Guy
Sheryl GuyGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I had really sore knees and I was finding it difficult to walk. It was really painful and everyday tasks were a real challenge. After a few sessions with Abdur, I feel brilliant! The pain has gone and I have full movement back. He is very professional and I would tell anyone that is suffering to go and see him! Thank you!

Bruce WatsonGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Abdur is a fantastic physiotherapist and I cannot rate his treatment and professionalism highly enough. I went to see him with a long-standing knee injury and I was pain-free after a few sessions. His treatment is intensive and hands-on and he explains what he is doing throughout. I only wish I had gone to see him months ago!

Morag Livingstone
Morag LivingstoneFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I would highly recommend Abdur at Fife Physiotherapy Centre! I no longer have back pain due to a freak accident at the gym and knee injury from playing football, cured! Pleased to know he is only a few minutes from my home too. 5 stars

Robert Stevenson Jr
Robert Stevenson JrFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I was told by my GP I had sciatica 3 weeks ago although I had been experiencing discomfort for some time before that. The pain only got worse and I ended up not being able to sit comfortably, drive or do simple things like get dressed without help. The treatment that Abdur has given me has been professional and has worked quickly. In only 3 sessions the pain has significantly decreased. I can put weight on my sore leg again, I can drive and I can sit down in a normal chair again! Thank you so much Abdur

Lisa Lou
Lisa LouFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I was suffering from severe sciatic pain, in which I could barely turn in bed, nor walk. I phoned and got an appointment with Abdur on the same evening. He started treatment that night, and after 3 sessions the pain had gone. I opted for one further treatment just to be sure, but it hadn’t been needed. A fantastic practice and I’d recommend Abdur to anyone suffering.

Karen Donnachie
Karen DonnachieFacebook Review (5 STARS)

After a crash that i was in I had a lot of lower back pain and shoulders and neck and I suffer from sciatica after my 1st treatment i was able to move better than what i have be able to move then i had another crash was in so much pain and I went back and Abdur worked his magic again. I would highly recommend him.

Elaine Gray
Elaine GrayFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I received Physiotherapy from Abdur for a neck/shoulder and lower back injury and found my care was to an extremely high standard and tailored to suite my needs. I was amazed at the difference following a single treatment! Abdur was very professional, friendly and accommodating with his appointments. It was evident that Abdur has an excellent knowledge base in his field which was reassuring to me with a pre-existing health condition and bad experiences in the past. The treatment and waiting room was very clean and had a relaxing atmosphere and there is ample car parking outside so easily accessible. Cannot recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre and Abdur highly enough to anyone requiring Physiotherapy and would definitely return if needed again. Thanks again!

Sandra Pryde
Sandra PrydeGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Very detailed on initial examination. Suffering from a hamstring injury he did afew types of treatments and noticed a massive improvement very quickly. Within 7 days the injury had almost cleared up following a further session. I would highly recommend if you have any type of injuries.

Jonathan BellGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I have and will continue to recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre. I suffered significant back pain and from day one of treatment I was on the road to recovery. Excellent customer service and great experience and knowledge, I was well impress with Abdur. I can’t thank him enough. Professional to the letter, very informative about all treatments and discussed with you each step, felt very safe and secure with Abdur.

Paula Review (5 STARS) - 14th Nov 2017
After suffering very bad back pain for over a year and a half and having unsuccessful treatments elswhere together with pain relief with lots of side effects Abdur was a god send. I noticed a difference straight away. He is professional, knowlegable and obviously a master at what he does. Would highly recommend for friends and family. I can’t believe how much better I feel in such a short time.
Vicky Review (5 STARS) - 12th July 2018

I had never been to a physio before so I didn’t know what to expect. Abdur was polite, professional and very competent. Even after one session I was in much less pain and could move more easily. After another two sessions we both agreed that I was good to go.
If that isn’t enough to persuade you, it’s accessibility should. No problem about getting an appointment as they are open early until late, I got an appointment the same day I called, and there is no problem parking as they are in a business park.

Ruth Review (5 STARS) - 20th Nov 2017

Best physio I have been too. Literally a miracle worker. Went with really bad shoulder and neck pain and was totally pain free within two months. I’m a fitness instructor and make sure I go regularly for maintenance. Would definitely recommend.

CThom Funkstar
CThom FunkstarFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I was referred to the Fife Physiotherapy Centre after suffering an injury to my neck and shoulder in a car accident. I’d been suffering for over 6 months and wasn’t very hopeful that Physiotherapy would help; I couldn’t have been more wrong and am now pain free with a better range of movement after only 6 sessions. Thank you Abdur and the Fife Physiotherapy Centre, I appreciate all your help.

Liz Smith
Liz SmithFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Cannot recommend Abdur enough, pleasent & professional at all times!! My ankle feels amazing now, its as if it was never broken! Thank you so so much.

Lizy Macgregor
Lizy MacgregorFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Abdur quickly diagnosed my injured hamstring, only after seconds of meeting him, and treated it within a very short time to allow me to walk the west highland way only 5 weeks later! I can’t thank him enough for getting me walking and running fit again. I have no hesitation for recommending Abdur to anyone who needs fixed!

Mike Farmer
Mike FarmerFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I have been suffering from sciatica for over 10 years on and off. Doctors only ever prescribed medication but this barely touched the pain. The last time the sciatica kicked in I tried to find a physio in Dunfermline. When I phoned Fife Physiotherapy I was seen that afternoon. Consultation and treatment on my first visit. Abdur explained I would need 3 or 4 sessions. After only 3 sessions I can say my back has never felt better and I can’t thank Fife Physiotherapy enough. I am now making monthly appointments (at my request) to keep things good. Pricing is reasonable, the service is excellent. Thanks again

Nicola Davies
Nicola DaviesFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I had sciatica pain down legs this was improved after 1 session and resolved after 3 sessions. Just the best ever felt amazing and pain free after each session. Would definitely go again if I have any back problems. 6 stars from me!

Jenny LumgairFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Great work, back to the same flexibility levels that I had lost several years ago! Excellent at diagnosis. Highly recommended!

Patricia WebbGoogle Reviews (5 STARS)

Abdur treated me for a trapped nerve and saw me at very short notice which was appreciated. Very impressed with the treatment received and would definitely recommend Abdur.

Douglas MacleodGoogle Review (5 STARS)

After suffering for over 2 years from severe back pains and various visits to other so called professionals I went to see Abdur to see if he could help – After only a few visits i have my life back. Don’t suffer aches and pains in your body – go and visit the FPC and get sorted- 100% satisfied

Mike BalfourGoogle Review (5 STARS)

My mother had woken up with a very stiff neck and sore back. I booked an appointment and my mum was seen that day. Very impressed with the quick diagnosis of a trapped nerve, which was followed with ultrasound and a massage. Abdur was professional, friendly and competent. After one session my mum could move her neck and the pain from the trapped nerve had gone. Excellent service, would highly recommend this centre.

Jacqueline ColleyGoogle Review (5 STARS)

First used Abdur about 6 months ago for an Achilles’ tendon injury I had put up with for a while, I also had put up with a pain in my hip/leg for years which turned out to be a trapped nerve in my back, he solved both issues within a matter of weeks and never had any bother with them since!
Just finished treatment for tendon damage and fluid in the knee again a matter of weeks.
You can find a cheaper physio but remember you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t go anywhere else his treatment and knowledge is second to none. He won’t get you in for any more sessions than necessary either. 5 star review from me. Thanks again Abdur.

Chay Blyth
Chay BlythFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I fell off my push bike and damaged my shoulder.
Abdul was very professional and got me back on my bike in a short space of time.
Always made me at ease.
Would recommend him to anyone
He also fixed a problem my husband was having with his ligament at back of knee he is a joiner so was really hard for him to work.
Repaired in a short space of time.

Iona Duncan
Iona DuncanFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I cannot praise Abdur highly enough, he is very professional and makes time to see you quickly if you are in a great deal of pain. The root of the problem is found quickly and a course of treatment started with explanations of what is happening given all the way through your treatment. I went with tennis elbow only to find out that a neck problem was causing more of the pain. Both issues have been dealt with so we are now moving on to fix all the other niggles I have. I look forward to being pain free very soon.

Liz McIver
Liz McIverFacebook Review (5 STARS)

After a car accident left me with muscle strains in my lower back, neck and shoulders I went looking for a physiotherapist to help take the pain away. After a bit of research I made an appointment with Abdur – his reviews were exemplary. Getting in touch with him was simple and there was always a quick response. Going in to my first appointment I was unable to move my head, I had a continuous headache, pins and needles in my fingers and I was limping while walking. I cannot describe the relief I felt after one session. After a week and a half of not sleeping I slept right through the night!! After six sessions I cannot describe how great I feel. Abdur has magic hands – I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fiona McIver
Fiona McIverFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Abdur helped me recover from 2 separate injuries, one of which was very complex. His knowledge allows him to diagnose an injury very quickly, and treatment always fits the injury. He has a genuine interest in your health, and has been a big help to me.

Robert Gibson
Robert GibsonFacebook Review (5 STARS)

My mother had woken up with a very stiff neck and sore back. I booked an appointment and my mum was seen that day. Very impressed with the quick diagnosis of a trapped nerve, which was followed with ultrasound and a massage. Abdur was professional, friendly and competent. After one session my mum could move her neck and the pain from the trapped nerve had gone. Excellent service, would highly recommend this centre.

Jacqueline ColleyGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Excellent physiotherapy services highly recommend had knee and shoulder injury after 5 session I am pain free.

Stanley McKellicanGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I have just completed a small course of treatment to both my knees. I am now pain free for the first time in many months. Abdur has magic hands I
would highly recomend him and if needed I would not hesitate in going back to him in future. My results were immediate. Abdur is very professional and courteous to his patients.

Caroline SmallGoogle Review (5 STARS)

After a few weeks in real pain with Plantar Fasciitis, a friend recommended I visit Fife Physiotherapy Centre. I was prepared for a long slog – I heard that the condition can be very tricky and time-consuming to fix, but just a few sessions with Abdur and I’m happy to report that I’m now pain-free and back to enjoying running again. As well as the physio sessions, Abdur gave me great advice on how to speed up the healing process with top tips on exercises, footwear and general good health practice. I throughly recommend Abdur and the Fife Physiotherapy Centre!

Fraser Watson
Fraser WatsonFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Went initially to see Abdur regarding hip and lower back pain — this was relieved after three sessions… I now attend monthly sessions just to keep mobility as the cancer drugs I take can cause muscle stiffness – this has definitely helped.  I’m now back at Abdur ( who is probably sick of seeing me !)… as I had whip lash from a car accident at the weekend when someone drove into the back of my van. Another three sessions pending, but I feel better already after first treatment on my neck..

Would recommend – what ever your ailment .

Angela Harris
Angela HarrisFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I came to abdur after breaking my ankle, i had virtually no movement, and could only hobble short distances using crutches. After only 5 visits my limp is almost completely gone, and i have a LOT more flexibility in my ankle, thank you for the work you did, and the advice you gave me on stretching exercises.

Martin McDonald
Martin McDonaldFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I was referred to Fife Physiotherapy Centre after being involved in a road traffic accident. I was booked in for an appointment as soon as possible and was put at ease straight away. Everything was explained to me beforehand in a very professional manner and made sure I was 100% comfortable during treatments. I have since felt a huge relief regarding my injuries and would recommend Edinburgh Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic to anybody!

T. Milne
T. MilneFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I came to Abdur with neck pain following a car accident, expected painful massage and a long road to recovery – happy to say I was wrong! Abdur set me right in only eight pain free sessions over 5 weeks, I’m now fully recovered! Abdur is clearly an expert, and also is a really friendly guy who sets you at ease. His office is lovely and clean with plenty of parking, and is easy to access right off the M90. Can’t recommend him enough, 5 stars!

Craig Early
Craig EarlyFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Had excellent service here for a neck injury from a road accident and after the course of treatment I feel much better. Also had treatment for Tennis Elbow that had troubled me throughout most winters, and after his treatment my first two rounds of winter golf have been pain free.

David Whitley
David WhitleyFacebook (5 STARS)

After sustaining a shoulder injury playing badminton and aggravating it further with running, I was unable to do even the most basic tasks without being in extreme pain. I came to see Abdur expecting months of painful physio. From the first visit there was a huge difference..and now less than a month later I am pain free and running 30km plus a week.

I cannot recommend Abdur highly enough. He is not just a fantastic physio, but a great guy who puts you at ease from the first moment you meet him.

I wish I could give him a 10 star review but sadly I’m limited to 5!!

Thanks Abdur

Myke Brown
Myke BrownFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Abdur at Fife Physiotherapy was absolutely wonderful. He treated my 81yr old dad for a frozen shoulder as he was virtually unable to move his arm with the pain. Abdur had him sorted in no time at all allowing him to be pain free and with a good range of movement again Abdur was very pleasant, friendly and enjoyed a good banter with my dad. Thank you for helping him so quickly. Highly recommend your services.

Heather Russell
Heather RussellFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I would 100% recommend Abdur and Fife Physiotherapy. On the day I injured my back Abdur wasn’t even working but agreed to see me due to the pain I was in. He got back to my message really quickly and seen me a few hours later. I was struggling to walk/get around and was amazed at the difference after only one treatment. He explained everything really clearly, made me feel at ease and provided great treatment. He’s got a great work ethic and clearly cares about his clients and making a difference to their lives. It’s really clear it’s not ‘just a job’ for Abdur.

Four sessions later and I’m feeling a million times better. I can’t thank him enough and would definitely return. Although hoping I won’t have cause to…

Shelley Maxwell
Shelley MaxwellFacebook Review (5 STARS)

What can I say – amazing service. I’ve suffered chronic back pain for 13 years. 4 session in and the pain was practically gone.

5th session and I was pain free. Had my 6th session today and all happy. I initially asked for accupuncture but Abdur suggested I try an alternative method as accupuncture can take a lot of sessions.

I cannot recommend Abdur enough – you are treated like a patient, not just a number.

Derek Holmes
Derek HolmesFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Abdur at the Fife Physiotherapy Centre has got me back on my feet and back on my bike after I was hit by a car in May, breaking my patella and tearing my MCL. He told me I would be back riding by the end of June and I was very dubious but here we are, I’ve just done my first 10 miles on the bike. Very happy indeed. He is also a really nice guy and my appointments were a good laugh.

Stuart Meldrum
Stuart MeldrumFacebook Review (5 STARS)

After a motorcycle crash I was referred to fife physiotherapy centre and couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment I received. Everything was explained clearly of what approach we were going to take to recovery. One of my worries was “would I be able to get back on a motorcycle pain free?” I was assured this would happen and I am pleased to say I’ve had no issues getting back in the saddle. Highly recommend fife physiotherapy centre.

Robert Allen
Robert AllenFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I have just finished a combined course of treatment for sciatica and earlier this year it was so bad I couldn’t stand up straight or walk without shooting pains down my legs. After 4 sessions and completed treatment I simply can’t believe the difference it has made – I’m pain-free for the first time in months! Thank you so much to Abdur who is very approachable, professional and extremely knowledgeable in his work. If you have back pain of any sort he’s the man to see!

Vicky Walker
Vicky WalkerFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Highly recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre.  I have received combined treatments for my shoulder injury and seen great improvement, the pain is gone and I am confident that it will stay gone if I work to build my strength back up correctly! I have been to a lot of people for improvement in this area but this is the only person to fix me!

K. KaszloFacebookhttps://

I received 6 treatment sessions for a metatarsal ligament sprain in my right foot. My foot is now pain free. I would highly recommend Fife Physiotherapy Centre. Thank you for your help!

S. Milby

I’ve just completely my treatment after having a serious car accident. Fife Physiotherapy Centre has been a great help to me, decreasing my pain level. I’ve now been left with exercises to do in my own time which i feel can help me even further. I would definitely recommend this centre. Very friendly and very welcoming. Great experience. Thank you

J. LamondFacebook

I attended the Fife Physiotherapy Centre after a car accident left me with very painful lower back and neck/shoulder injuries. The physiotherapist was very knowledgeable and friendly, and quickly started a course of treatment for my injuries. After a few sessions, I have started to see a difference, and can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend.

L. McIntosh

Don’t suffer pain, I had severe sciatica. I was nearly crawling into the practice, after just 3 sessions I am able to walk 4/5 miles with my dogs, no pain at all, Abdur Thank you for giving me my life back.

Cameron McMurrayGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I’ve only got positive words to say about the treatment provided by Abdur and would definitely recommend to anyone. I thought I would be receiving treatment for an ankle injury for much longer than I did. Abdur was very professional, gave me great treatment, solid advice and was completely honest with me regarding how much treatment I needed (a lot less than I initially expected).

Andy ThomsonGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Abdur has been instrumental in my recovery and rehabilitation from muscle spasms and a trapped nerve in my neck and shoulder. Abdur within three sessions worked wonders in this very short period of time making significant and sustained improvements. Great communication and magical hands ! Thank you for your time, effort and commitment.

David QuinnGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Having suffered for many years from back problems and several prolapsed discs I was very thankful to stumble across the Fife Physiotherapy Centre were I initially went after a car accident left me with whip lash .. however after Abdur treated my neck and shoulders I had another 4 appointments and was happy to let him treat my back ( was very afraid of anyone else doing work on it after years of pain) I can only say I wished I’d attended years ago.. it’s like a mirical I cannot believe the difference in my back after only the 4 sessions …. I cannot tecommend Abdur enough he clearly knows his stuff …

Lorraine HarrisGoogle Review (5 STARS)

After my (L) hip replacement & my (R) knee replacement my mobility was very poor plus having pain Since attending Fife Physiotherapy centre my mobility has greatly improved, not back to normal as yet but certainly heading in the right direction, pain has greatly subsided. So grateful to Abdur for this wonderful improvement. He certainly knows how to treat the condition, I know I will continue improve so a big thank you Abdur

Anne ClaytonGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Excellent advice and service from Abdul. Swollen wrist/hand which more or less has now been cured. After care massage of hand required. He treats elderly gentlemen very well. Spacious and clean working area. Highly recommend.

James StapletonGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Fantastic service provided both for a knee injury two years ago and now for neck and shoulder problems (requested my insurance company to refer me the second time due to previous experience). Easy and quick diagnostic, with a wide range of treatments and information to reduce the potential for further issues or treatment. Treated me within 6 sessions for my shoulder pain and 10 for my knee. Further sessions were not required, with advice as to exercises for me to continue with to strengthen the muscles in the region to reduce further problems. Can not recommend highly enough.

Neil BurnGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I would highly recommend fife physiotherapy centre. Abdur is very friendly, professional and knows his stuff. I suffered from lower back pain for years which was gradually getting worse. After the very first session I could feel a massive difference straight away in pain and movement and had a better understanding as Abdur was great at explaining everything. After only a few session I now have no back pain and can sleep/move better.

Elayna CarruthersGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Cannot recommend Abdur enough! Consistently excellent service. I have had a number of back issues that have caused severe pain. Each occasion I have message Abdur – he has made an appointment for me the same day or at latest next afternoon, every time I walk away pain free. Truly one of the best in the business.

Craig HoldingGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I was referred to Abdur after a serious motorbike accident. He worked on the affected areas over 6 sessions and greatly improved the pain I was experiencing. Abdur was professional and courteous. I would highly recommend him.

Lee BarronGoogle Review (5 STARS)

Abdur is great to work with and know his stuff. I highly recommend him to everyone and if you are a powerlifter/weightlifter or any other type of athlete you will appreciate his honest approach to getting you back to what love doing.

JamesGoogle Review (5 STARS)

I first contacted Abdur last year after having my daughter and suffering from back and shoulder pain so severe I was struggling to pick up my newborn. Quickly Abdur got me sorted and back to being a doting mum so when I injured my back at work there was zero question to who I was going to phone to help me out. Can’t recommend him enough!

Karen Morris
Karen MorrisFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I made an appointment with Abdur after researching local physiotherapists and reading all these great reviews. He’s brought my pain down from a 10 to a 1 with just 3, 1 hour long sessions. I wasnt sure exactly where the pain was coming from but it turned out to be a bulging L5 disk, trapped sciatic nerve and some muscle damage. Although my treatment is not finished yet the pain is nearly completely gone. Abdur is an absolute star! I’m so incredibly thankful to him for fixing me!

Ruth Kellas
Ruth KellasFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I had treatment yesterday on my lower back and what a big difference my first visit has made already …. im a bit tender today but the actual pain i had yesterday is a lot better than its been in 3yrs

Joan Whyte
Joan WhyteFacebook Review (5 STARS)

I had a problem with my left knee, which has had a few operations carried out on it. Started to lock up when I was walking or changing direction. My job entails a lot of walking over rough ground, stairs and vertical ladders and it was a real struggle to carry out my duties. Thankfully Abdur worked his magic and after 5 sessions I’m back to where I was before the problem started and I’m able to do everything normally at work. Great work and thanks Abdur!

Stamp Watson
Stamp WatsonFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Highly recommend Abdul. After my first appointment I could lift my arm up, something I could never do for a long time. He has helped me with hands, shoulders, arms and back in just a couple of visits.

Sara Brown
Sara BrownFacebook Review (5 STARS)

very pleased with the work done, highly recommend, after a recent car accident i had alot of tension around my neck and back, the treatment has worked a treat

Dean Rattray
Dean RattrayFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Highly recommend. Very professional and experienced. Very pleasant and kind manner.

Catherine Mathieson
Catherine MathiesonFacebook Review (5 STARS)

Abdur is very knowledgeable and thorough making sure he can find what’s causing the issue and making sure it gets sorted. Highly recommended from someone as chocolate as me ???????? thanks again!

Ryan Adamson
Ryan AdamsonFacebook Review (5 STARS)

After suffering from a very painful spell of sciatica I visited Fife Physiotherapy Centre on the recommendation of my brother in law . I was very impressed with the service and with Mr Rashid. Everything was explained very well and from hobbling in I was able to walk back out the door. I would and have recommended Fife Physiotherapy Centre .

Gemma 13
Gemma 13Google Review (5 STARS)

After a number of treatment sessions at the fife physiotherapy centre a severe pain caused by a compressed nerve was quickly relieved then cured. I am very impressed with the professional service given by Abdur. Highly recommended.

Andy LGoogle Review (5 STARS)