Appointments for Physiotherapy

Appointments can be made using the form on the right hand side of this page or by calling us. It is helpful if you provide a phone number where you can be reached so that we can be sure to return your call at a time that is convenient for you.

Planning your physiotherapy treatment

At the end of your assessment, you and your physiotherapist will discuss and agree your treatment plan. Depending on the complexities of your problem. We Provide Assessment and Treatment on the same day but in some cases  it may be that formal treatment does not start until the second visit.

Follow-up appointments

Your physiotherapist will recommend how long it should be before you are seen again – this will depend on your individual circumstances.

We don’t ask our clients to come for more sessions without any reason or charge them for something we can’t help. We never force or ask our clients to book dozen of sessions in advance as 9/10 of our clients get complete recovery within 3-4 sessions. (1/10 complex cases may take 6-8 sessions) We accept credit card debit card, Apple Pay  Google Pay and provide detail reports/receipts for personal injury claims or tax claim for work related injuries.

Changing an appointment

We ask for at least 1 working day notice of any changes of appointment. We don’t charge if you want to change your appointment to another day or week but we will need one working day notice. Any changes for an appointment less than one working day will be charge in full.

Our First priority is your health we will help you to achieve quicker recovery and you will help us to avoid our treatment time and resources from wasting due to missing appointments.

If you do not attend

When people fail to attend their appointments, your treatment time is wasted and full amount of fee will be charged.

  • If you have not attended for a genuine reason, you must let us know as soon as possible.
  • It is your responsibility to re-arrange the appointment.
  • If we do not hear from you within one week you will be discharged and your insurance provider will be informed.


All information you give will be treated as confidential. Physiotherapists have a legal and professional obligation to make notes on their assessment of your symptoms, the treatment and the progress you make. All information you give us will be treated confidentially.

Children & Young People

If a patient under the age of 18 attends without their legal guardian the physiotherapist will not be able to go ahead with the appointment as planned.

In instances where a person under the age of 18 fails to attend an appointment, the physiotherapist is obliged to notify the patients GP and school nurse or health visitor.

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