BiomechanicsBiomechanical assessment involves assessment of gait (body movement), different angles of body structures (bones, joints) associated with movement and joints range of motions.

In simple biomechanical assessment is the way of assessment and diagnosis of skeleton alignment to prevent the effects of abnormal movements.

Biomechanical assessment gives us a good insight to identify and correct common problems caused by pain due to abnormal movements. Biomechanical assessment is useful for the prevention of Soft tissues and joint injuries (muscle strain and joint sprains), Knee pain, Foot and ankle injuries prevention, Sports injuries, Lower back and hip pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin pain, General foot pain.

After careful biomechanical assessment deformity such as Flat Feet, High Arch feet, Joint Laxity, etc can be corrected by prescribing Orthotics and therapeutic exercises.


Orthotics are corrective devices specially designed to correct and adjust several deformities of feet. Orthotics may be corrective insoles to support and provide cushioning effect to feet.

Some Orthotics are specially prescribed to prevent abnormal movement, correct deformity of the bone arches of feet and support ligament.

We provide all type of corrective and specially prescribed orthotics for all age groups, including children, elderly people, elite sportspersons, runners, exercises and dance instructors according to their need.

Do you know how safe your shoes are?

Training ShoesMany research studies and sports injury reports shows that sports and everyday footwear are one of the major cause pain.

Abnormal footwear can cause problems of lower limb, back and muscular injuries in many office/factory workers, athletes, exercise lover and dancers. Therefore, if footwear is worn or not suit for your sports or other activities, running style, foot type there are strong chances that the shoe may cause or exacerbate your problem although the shoes may feel quite comfortable.

People especially young athletes and sports persons have an enormous choice of shoes at sports shops but they may do not always know which shoe is right for them. Fife Physiotherapy Centre provides specialist assessment and advise on shoes for runners and athletes who are looking for new shoes and who may have sustained injuries from sports footwear.

If you are a sport person or participating in a sport event it is very important to make sure that you look after your feet for the prevention of injuries and performance enhancement.

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Do I need Orthotics?

  • If you frequently suffer from callus, corns and ankle pain
  • Yes if you want to prevent sport injuries and performance enhancement
  • If your shin hurts and frequently suffer from ankle sprain
  • If you have continuous lower back pain
  • If your feet get tired easily and feel pain in hip, knee and ankle
  • If your feet roll inward/outward and one side of your shoe wear quickly
  • If you want comfort for your feet, prevent tight shoes problems